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5 things you should never buy online

In this busy life, we all want to look good and be up to date with our surroundings and for doing so we end up in the World Wide Web, searching for things we want, we think we need. In this hustle, we actually don’t have time to go physically in to a store and buy things but something’s won’t just work if you buy online.

1. Foundation.

Obviously all the online sites would not ditch you and you will find authentic Mac, Maybelline and Makeup Forever foundations but the problem with online purchase is that the online sites fail to show you the exact shades. You will most probably end up buying a foundation that doesn’t even match your skin tone. Rather take some time, go to the store and get your skin’s soul mate.

2. Liquid Lipsticks.

Another makeup product you should avoid buying online if you are someone new to the makeup community is liquid lipsticks. The formula, consistency and obviously how the shade turns out to be on your lips. No one wants to buy a lipstick and not flaunt it on Instagram. Liquid Lipsticks sometimes tend to give different color on different lips. Go out for a girly quest and hunt those pretty shades down.

3. Dresses from any random site.

All girls say amen! The struggle is real, they look so pretty that we all have been fooled at least once. You have to face it, that pretty blue lacy dress can never cost just 350 rupees, it’s a scam, stay away!

4. High heel shoes.

Unlike casuals and slippers the problem doesn’t only end and buying the wrong size, you can send that one back and get the right size for your Cinderella like feet. The problem is they aren’t usually comfortable and because they are pretty and you have already paid for them before even trying them on, you keep it. Nah! I won’t judge you sister, I have been there, done that. Just imagine getting into a store trying pretty shoes then the one you feel are comfortable you pay for them.

5. Specks, with power.

This is something very depressing, technology allows you to see if the frame you are buying looks good on you but you will never know if the lenses with them actually help you see better or not. More than ever now people are buying their trusty pair of glasses online and the issue always is that the power of the lenses do not match their eye sight. Don’t take your pretty pair for granted and buy them their best friend from the physical store.

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