Story Series

Spring, my unsung love.

Dear, sweet unsung love,

Nobody knows what you do.
While my soul has aged,
Your spirit is new.

My heart has always been,
Like fallen autumn leaves.
Slightly broken, discolored,
It’s all hollow if you dig deep.

You, my friend,
Have qualities of the lovely spring.
No, you aren’t about flowers,
But the hope of life that it brings.

You are a rainbow,
Yet you befriended my Black n White.
I was this cracked up soil,
Your roots hugged me tight.

My ribs have become your garden,
You have grown inside my veins.
I let you use my feelings,
I know we are more than just friends.

You are an unexpected spring,
To my autumn loving life.
You cut through the winter,
With that floral knife.

Your roses dance of affection,
Your fruits write of tomorrow.
You don’t have to know about my love,
Just keep wiping away my sorrow.

Let her love the rain,
Let that boy have summer fling.
While people find warmth in the winters,
I found a shelter in your spring.

I could write stories,
And you wouldn’t know.
That I was fighting a blizzard,
You came and stopped the snow.

You made a heaven,
Without even trying to make a home.
You brought a world with you,
I am no longer alone.

I am not something,
One would call a girl.
But for you I wore a dress,
A necklace of pearl.

They made the season spring,
Keeping you in mind,
They must have thought,
Happiness is your kind.

We aren’t lovers,
We might never be.
But I love, loving you like this,
Naming you spring secretly.

I guess you will go soon,
As you are a season’s reflection.
But like a season you will come back too,
And you will again blush my pale complexion.

Dear, sweet unsung love,
Alas! You will never hear me sing.
But to my autumn heart,
You will always remain it’s spring.

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Shreyasha Banerjee

I hardly can write, sentences that don't rhyme. As words construct my soul, poetry being it's hymn.

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