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You must confess the truth to yourself

Sometimes truth can be painful. Well in most of the times truth is painful. It hurts you and your loved ones. People think that hiding things is a better option for the sake of their relationship.

But if you think closely, hiding things mean you are creating distance from your partner which is harmful in long run. Truth must be informed and disclosed.

Now there can be various categories of this. But which one to tell and which one not? The answer is simple. If the hiding things have snatched your sleep and you are in constant mental turbulence then you must confess it.

What are the process of doing that? First of all sit calmly and analyse the whole situation to you. Then accept that you have committed a mistake. Acceptance is the only way to reveal the truth.

You must prepare for your punishment. Since you have committed a mistake you must be prepared for the outcome. Your relationship can be affected. But never lose hope.

Learning from your mistakes is a great thing. Truth is hard; confession is harder; moving on is hardest. One must learn out of any situation.

One thing we all want is the mental peace. If we have peace in our head then we can complete any work. To get the mental peace you must be truthful to yourself. You must know what is going on inside your head and accept that.

Accepting truth doesn’t mean that you are okay with your mistakes but rather it means that you are moving on and have learned your lesson.

“Truth is beauty; beauty truth”. This famous quotation sums up that to possess the inherent beauty of mind, one must be truthful.

Truth is a status of mind. It depends upon the situation and individuals. Realise the reality and act according to that, be truthful to yourself and mental peace will be yours.

Shaheli Baidya

Describing me is not so easy, though I can try with few fragments of words. Masters student in Jadavpur University, cute innocent face, intelligent from inside, a good speaker with stammering issues, sort of anger issues, sort of over thinking issues and sort of imagination issues of those non-existential situations. Thank you, for keeping patience and read this whole thing.

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