Is he not showing interest in your proposal?

What to do when he is not showing interest in your proposal?

Okay, so he already knows that you like him but still is not showing interest or giving you mixed signals. In most cases mixed signals are a way of saying no. So if you are getting it, beware! It may be a No.

And girl, if you are still thinking about your rejected state then please get some air, because this is affecting your health and your interest in other things as well.

But right now, I want to discuss some points which you should do when he is not showing interest in you. These points will help you to manage your heart breaks and stay away from him.

1. Probably you have saved his number with some lovely, cute name on your phone. So first you have to change that. Possibly delete his phone number or change his number with his own name. He is not interested and he won’t! So stay away.

When your mind saves a special name for someone, it sends the brain a special signal. So to stay away from him. You must save his number with his own name.

2. Concentrate on his bad points.

You probably like this guy because you have seen some good points in him. But to forget him you must concentrate on his bad qualities. Forget about his interest and remember your own amazing qualities.

Imagine, how bad he is with you, how bad he will be as a boyfriend. Most importantly watch his worst photos where he is looking not so hot or sexy. This will help you to stay away from him.

3. Imagine him as your general known person.

You feel butterfly in stomach every time you see him and thats how you are showing your interest towards him? Well let’s turn it. Imagine he is your any other guy friend. In this way you will neutralise his potential of becoming something extra because you are thinking him only as your friend.

4. Stop stalking him on social media and unfriend him.

Yes, social medias are a big and addictive platform nowadays so if you really want to stop nagging, then stay away from his social medias. It will help you to forget about them.

Guys are mostly literal so if they are not showing interest towards you can’t pull him towards you or blame him.

5. Lastly, respect their decisions.

May be he is not with you, may be he is not showing interest as you. Their must be a reason be it psychological or emotional, respect that.

Everyone has his or her own boundaries so if he is not ready for you. Don’t blame him. Or actually you can blame him but in a mild way. Hahaha!

So these were my top five points that will help you to forget about him. And let me know about your recent heart breaks that you have got. Next time before showing interest remember what to show and what not!

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