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Facts of surviving away from home

Facts of surviving away from home.

We all need to go out one day either for studies or for job. So here are some facts which will give you consolence (since you cannot cope up with that) while you are on your own.

1. The thought of living outside may appear appealing. But trust guys its not. When was the last time you have done all your things on your own?

Doing things COMPLETELY on your own is something we have never done. Either your mother or your father or any of your siblings are there to help you out.

2. Packing. Dude if you are thinking about going outside for further studies. You have to pack a lot. There will be one point when you will just keep thinking what to left what to bring.

Always go for minimal. Like your essentials. And pack your comfortable clothes.

3. The first night will be horrible alone. If you sleep with anyone be it mother or sibling then this will be the most horrible time.

At night you will constantly dreaming about those home-times.

4. Well if you are outside for your job, it will be a less complicated one for you. But if you are for study, guys nobody can save you except yourself.

The first 2-3 days will be like lazy lazy, sloth-bear kind of. No study, no work you will feel more lazy than anything.

5. Last but not the least, don’t just bound yourself in that room. Explore the locality, taste local foods, differentiate between your city and this one.

It will be tough to live alone away from family, but hey, its all for you.

And make friends, because interaction with people will help you to explore that place and also will keep your mind stree-free. So start living without sad face.

Shaheli Baidya

Describing me is not so easy, though I can try with few fragments of words. Masters student in Jadavpur University, cute innocent face, intelligent from inside, a good speaker with stammering issues, sort of anger issues, sort of over thinking issues and sort of imagination issues of those non-existential situations. Thank you, for keeping patience and read this whole thing.

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