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Dear Mother

Dear Mother,

I really wonder how powerful you’re. You created me and gave me life. Even before that you nurtured me for 9 months. You’re a superwoman Mom! We were attached to each other perfectly and you took care of me every single day. Mom, how did you manage to get sleep? Because I remember frequently playing inside. You ate good and healthy food. You always talked to me. You continuously thought about how to protect me and keep me safe. I only had one person in my life when I was little and forming; that was you, Mom. You made me grow up, you protected me, you nourished me.

It’s really true that Mother’s love is the greatest one. I needed so much care and love to survive. You gave me everything. And this extreme love of yours will remain forever. Wherever I live, whatever I do, I know you’re going to love and bless me always.

Yours lovingly,

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