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Cankids and Ka Kha Ga Gha

Cankids and Ka Kha Ga Gha

International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD),

It is the day of survival, the day of support, the day that tells everyone that we all are together in this fight for life, the fight against cancer, it is celebrated worldwide on 15th February.

Cankids…Kidscan celebrated the 17th ICCD with not just a smile, but with laughter. On 4th March, 2018 we, the family of LaughaLaughi got the opportunity to spread laughter and luckily we had the resource with us. Team Ka Kha Ga Gha accompanied us to their Kolkata branch and celebrated the day of survival with them. Cankids celebrates ICCD every year from 15th February to end of March, throughout this celebration many stakeholders partner with them to make the life of the children a bit better with functions and outings. This year their theme was Go Gold India – Mera Haq, Mera Bachpan, Mera Jeevan – I Deserve My Childhood, My Life.

Cankids took the kids to Mohor Kunj on 4th march at 10:30 a.m. where television actor Noor, R.J. Sayan, Dr. Krishnendu and Avishek Roy came to celebrate their joy. The kids had written messages related to their motto “I Deserve My Childhood, My Life” and later they flew them in the sky with great happiness that was vibrant on their young faces. Nothing can stop you from living if you want to live. The kids, some have already beaten cancer in the race of life and death, some are still fighting with the monster and some are making the monster feel like nothing. They have entertained the team of Ka Kha Ga Gha, us and the other guests with their performances. They seemed to have more life in them than many of us. So full of enthusiasm that they had made us very beautiful card and not only for us but all the guests who had come there to celebrate their golden day.

The survivors and even some who are still under treatment had taken part in different things, a survivor named Tithi and Debasrita, started the celebration by introducing and telling the guests about the theme of 2018 (Mera Haq, Mera Bachpan). There were singing performances, dance perfomances, instrumentals all done by the kids apart from them some external group also performed but most of the celebration was decorated by the kids only. Dr. Krishnendu just fulfilled their need for a good laughter and played many games with the staff there. The colorful kites which they were flying, represented the colors team Ka Kha Ga Gha had smeared all over the hearts of the kids there. Kids like Jishnu (a survivor) stole our hearts and we are grateful to Cankids for taking an initiative to not only save their lives but also give them a better one.

Cankids are working with many hospitals around the country and they are working with 5 hospitals in Kolkata itself namely S.S.K.M., Kolkata Medical College, N.R.S. hospital, S.G.C.C.R.I. and T.M.C. They not only provide the kids with Chemo Drug and Nutrition but they also take care of their psychological and educational needs. This event aimed to honor the children with cancer and their families through outings, celebrations and competitions, they also wanted to spread awareness that Childhood Cancer is Curable if detected and treated in time. Cankids is also advocating the policy of making Childhood Cancer a Child Health Priority worldwide. They are also aiming to raise funds to support the children and their families during their treatment.

There are three reasons behind this year’s theme being “Go Gold”, the first is because gold is the color of childhood cancer, the second is because our children are priceless and precious and the third and the last reason is because childhood cancer must be a child health priority in Indian. It is a Survivor led Advocacy and Awareness Campaign to ensure that theirs aims are being fulfilled. They believe that every children diagnosed with cancer deserves the best possible medical and psychological care, regardless of country of origin, race, financial status or social class.

There was so much to give and so much to take, so much to teach and yet so much to learn. LaughaLaughi feels blessed to be a part of such celebration and having the company of Dr. Krishnendu made it even special. “Life doesn’t stop for anyone, so why stop hoping for death?” something the kids who really can fight through cancer has taught us.

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