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Be new this Nobo Borsho

The western world has so much to give, we adopt latest fashion, trends, food habits and almost everything that we do now has their influence. We Bengalis have forgotten that we have our very ethnic versions of every festival they (the western world) celebrate. We have our own Valentine’s Day that is Saraswati Puja, our very own extravagant Christmas like festival our Durga Puja. To be honest nothing comes in comparison with our Durga Puja, I sincerely apologies. Yes, of course we have our own sweeter than any English pudding, Payesh like Nobo Borsho.
So why celebrate it their way? When our Bong connection is strong. Here are some tips and tricks that will make you Nobo Borsho a hit.

1. Go for a bun.

Nah don’t eat one, if you want that classic bong beauty look and also wanna stay cool in this heat then bun is your best friend. If you are not the boring type and wanna spice things up just like your Chingri Macher Malaikari then braid them at first and then pin that up. Believe me a nice air up-do goes with any kind of outfit. For reference here is a video.

2. Ditch your heels.

Like girl that was so last season. Own your height, you are elegant anyway plus bong genes. You know what else is called a Bong? Yeah you sure do, both bongs have the same purpose to get you high. Coming back to the point there are so many options in flats to choose from like Brogue, Gladiator, our very one ethnic Juttis etc. Look different pair your saree with a pair of matching Brogue and you will be officially as fashionable as Kangana Ranaut. It’s a win win you look different plus your legs won’t hurt as well.

3. Keep your lips neutral.

A nude lip means your eyes will do all the talking and that means more eye contacts with that special someone. Classic red lips look bomb but nothing beats the classic Bengali Kajal lined eyes. Since its summer so better gloss it up a bit but not too much. Just enough to compliment your highlight.

4. Say no to chocolates.

Yes sister, I know it is hard but ditch it for a day and treat yourself with some raw mango flavored Sandesh. We all remember how our parents would stuff us with Mishti and Payesh but now-a-day waffles and chocolates have taken over. So this time in your family get together bring some memories to the table with the sweets you used to have as a child.

5. Roasted mango mojitos.

English makes everything sound so complicated and at the same time edgy. It’s nothing but the Aam Panna you have always had with chilled soda instead of water. Some roasted mango pulp, few crushed mint leaves, salt to taste, fizzing soda and few drops of lime. You can always experiment and make it even better like add a bit of vodka if you want to. Give your drink a Desi twist.

6. Colognes are better.

Here is something for the guys out there, every other dude is wearing one of the 5 basic deos. Stand out wear cologne or after shaves, they smell more attractive anytime. Of course no woman will come running to you but your fragrance will surely make an impression on them. So with your Kurta Pajama make cologne a must too. I assure you smelling different works as good as looking different. Yeah you all ladies out there can try that too.

7. Write a letter.

No matter how silly it may sound but what better way to say things you cannot say otherwise? It doesn’t have to be a love letter, write it to your parents, your relative or your friends. It is something personal that you will not find in any gift store. Start your year by thanking the people you love for being in your life and your entire year will feel like a blessing.

So here are some random tips and tricks to make your Nobo Borsho a total hit. If you think this has been of any help to you so don’t forget to like and share your views. Write in the comment section what else do you want to read from us. Share this with your friends so that their Nobo Borsho is as bomb as yours. And lastly Shubho Nobo Borsho to you and your entire family from me and entire team of Laughalaughi.

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