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10 Feelings we all have felt.

We live in a modern society, we live in an era of technology. Smartphones have taken over us and we can’t think of leading a life without the internet and smart gadgets. But among all this we still think, we still express and we still feel. We think it’s only us who feel such way but you will be surprised to know that it’s very common and we all ride the same rollercoaster just at different times.
Here are 10 such feelings that we all have felt and talked about.

1. Future with a stranger.

Yes, you are not alone. We, humans, are imaginative being and we can’t help ourselves from imagining situations. It can be that guy who was on the same bus as you last day or that girl you saw standing alone near that shop. We get attracted to their appearance and imagine how they might be as a person. We then imagine having a romantic affair with them and then a future. Admit it, you don’t even realize when you have already decided names of your children. It’s normal and it’s not only you.

2. The feeling of being a character.

It happens when you have just finished reading a book or have recently seen a movie. The character seems so relatable that you start feeling as if you are that character. You start speaking like that character, use their quotes and catchphrases, you try to dress-up like them in short, you become them. Sometimes you are just influenced by what you have read or seen and sometimes you see your own selves in them. It’s normal we have all imagined that we are Bunny from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

3. The feeling of numbness.

No, you aren’t sad even depressed. It’s just sometimes we are so overwhelmed with all that is happening around us that our brain partially shuts itself down. We feel nothing, we feel numb. We tend to stay at home and do things to fill our empty minds. Sometimes a day just for ourselves is necessary to detox our minds. We all feel numb and we all should embrace it.

4. The magic.

Sometimes things happen so strangely
that it feels like magic. Everything makes sense and it feels like all that has happened in your life has happened so that that magic could take place. You might find your soulmate after several heartbreaks or you might struggle for years for a job only to find out you were meant for something else. That’s when we feel the magic and we all feel that. You are not mad to think that way and if you have not experienced it yet, you surely will in future.

5. The guilty pleasure.

We all have done bad things and have felt good from that. We all know how guilty pleasure works. You have been working out for days and then you eat a chocolate cake. You have been told that certain videos aren’t meant for you but you watch them eventually. Don’t feel bad unless your guilty pleasure happens to be harmful. We all are sly criminals, it’s not only you.

6.The second person.

It’s not always necessary that if you get attracted to someone while you are in a relationship you should leave your person and go after those silly feelings of yours. Tumbler and Pinterest are not best places to get relationship advice from. It’s normal you can find someone attractive while you are committed to someone but that doesn’t mean you love them. Love is a very strong emotion and a slight feeling shouldn’t affect it. But you are not alone every one has had their fair share of such encounter.

7. Feelings for your friend’s partner.

Students Of The Year has taught us all the wrong things about a school. But it had reality in it. You should never try to get romantically involved with your friend’s partner but feelings have no control. You just can’t help yourself but admire them. Slowly they are all that is on your mind and eventually you sometimes even fall for them. It’s normal, falling in love is normal and talking about it to someone is also normal.

8. Lonely in a relationship.

We live in a time where everyone is busy, everyone is running after something and in the process of that they forget what is the reason they actually had started running for. Your beloved is working all the time for you but if they have time for other things then you should reconsider your relationship. It’s normal to feel lonely in this crowded busy life, we all have felt that way at some point in our life.

9. Forever Single.

After being single for most of your life, you feel that you are actually not meant for love. Maybe you have been in relationships but they have failed so miserably that you too think that love is never going to knock on your door. But that’s not true it is when you think that love won’t come it actually arrives. Love is rare but there is plenty for everyone alive. Nothing stops us from just loosing hope and start disbelieving the concept of love. The person you thought loved you too said that they don’t but that’s not the end of your life. We all have lost hope before someone came and gave hope a whole new definition.

10. Missing someone who doesn’t even exists.

Arijit Singh has given us an entirely new feeling through his sad songs and that is the feeling of missing someone who sometimes doesn’t even exists. It’s common my friend as common as finding an Arijit Singh song in someone’s playlist. When we miss that faceless, voiceless, nameless being we are actually sad about that empty void we have inside us. We aren’t missing a person, we are actually missing someone to cherish. We all have felt empty and like every other feeling even this happens with a lot of us.

You are never alone especially when it comes to a feeling. Please like, comment your thoughts and share this with your friends and tell them they aren’t alone.

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I hardly can write, sentences that don't rhyme. As words construct my soul, poetry being it's hymn.

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