In a way, we both wanted that to happen!

In a way, we both wanted that to happen!

It was early for our morn to start, the rays were free, calm and serene!
Our desires were like that too, calm, soothing and nothing alike…
Remember? Our first days of commitment!
When we both were in a bliss of the hue!
Crimson in love, affection and all!

Like something we felt not to happen again, anyhow never happened though!
All you could call upon is us at that moment, those days, hours and every bit of “everything” was ours…
Hey love, what was so obvious to happen that could even creep into ours “us” factor?
Why couldn’t we dream again of a new tomorrow, or even, today?!

Was that what it was meant to happen?
Then why did we dream, and made up a painting of everything somewhere inside our mind!
Hey love, do you still hover impatiently for my lingering perfume?
Was it all for those hence…
To be lived upon as just a memory over wet pillows!
In that very way, “we” wanted it to happen, in some hour of our sandclock!!

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