Songs to set your mood right..Top 10!

Songs, our favorite of all. For those of us who are Bengalis, practicing music is an important medium to reconnect with the soul. Beginning with Rabindranath,the entire modern music has a very wide range of bengali songs. But what I’m talking about, is something else.
Talking about the basics, a special part of college-life is friends, adda and of course study. And in the meantime falling in love, heartbreaks again. Then we find peace in that cigarette and Old Monk. Then, to take the another step, many are not left behind.

We want to get back the ones, we got intoxicated with marijuana. And the music adds a lot of fuel to the intoxication. Who doesn’t even want to rejoice with friends?  but if not the right song, the exact opposite can happen. So, some of my personal favorite songs, to set the right mood –

1. Comfortably numb – Pink Floyd

2. Carry you home – James blunt

3. Cold/mess- Prateek kuhad

4. Let her go- Passenger

5. Hotel California- Eagles

6. Aftaab- The local train

7. Je kota din- Anupam Roy

8. Waqt ki baatein- Dream note

9. Hasnuhaana – Fossils

10. Jo tu na mila mujhe (Acoustic)- Asim Ajhar

P.S.- These songs are entirely my choice, If you have some of your favourites, just comment and let me know.

One bonus song, which is also close to my heart “Tou suno”

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