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Secret meeting

Secret meeting between three of them?! I know I know you must be wondering who are they? Well it is b-town’s three pillars. Yes you heard it right. Three khans of bollywood.

Now you must be wondering what I am talking about meeting? Well recently as per sources. Three khans met each other in a secret meeting in SRK’S Mannat.

Well many insiders are wondering if this is a sign of their upcoming project or for any film. If that so, it will be an amazing thing. The bollywood wants to see all of them together in a film.

Though there is no official announcement yet. Still it is an assumption.

Currently SRK is busy for his Don3 and Salman khan for Dabang3 and Amir khan for his upcoming project.

If they collaborate in a film together. It will be a definite good news for all their fans.

SRK and Salman had worked in “Karan Arjun” as well as in SRK’s “Zero”. Salman and Amir had worked together in “Andaz Apna Apna”.

Many critics also saying that in recent times their positions are not in a good place. SRK’s “Zero”, Salman’s “Race 3” and Amir’s “Thugs of Hindostan” are not that up to the mark.

So they may collaborate with each other for a film.

Whatever is the reason, the collaboration of three khans will definitely be a good news for their fans. But for now hush hush! Its a secret.

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Shaheli Baidya

Describing me is not so easy, though I can try with few fragments of words. Masters student in Jadavpur University, cute innocent face, intelligent from inside, a good speaker with stammering issues, sort of anger issues, sort of over thinking issues and sort of imagination issues of those non-existential situations. Thank you, for keeping patience and read this whole thing.

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