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Raajkumar Rao wants to be part of a gay love story!

Raajkumar Rao is a versatile actor we all know. He is one of the finest actor in Bollywood. His latest film “Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga” a love story of two women. This film received lot of praise.

Though raaj plays a heterosexual character in this film. But he said that he doesn’t mind being part of a gay love story.


According to him Ranveer Sing would be a great choice to star opposite in a gay film. Raajkumar said that he is a huge fan of Ranveer.

He said “if I ever play a gay character on screen, it will break the conventions of how we play a gay character on screen.
Raajkumar likes Fawad Khan character in ” kapoor & sons”

Tiyasa Sen

মুখচোরা এবং অগোছালো গোছের পাবলিক। বইয়ের নেশা আছে, কলম চালাই আলগোছে আর ক্যানভাসে রং ছিটিয়ে ভালবাসা আঁকি।

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