Music- A Therapy

In our every kind of mood there is always something that can touch it, heal it- it is music. In every aspect of life we all look a zone to have comfort, to console ourselves and most of the time we ends up listening to something we were expecting  to be  happened. Music has been […]

His Name is Bob Dylan

“All I can do is be me, whoever that is” One of the most known quotes, which impacted numbers of people just like his songs. Yes I am talking about one of the most influential singer-song writers of the 20th, Bob Dylan. The concept ‘Folk Rock’ reached to new height through his hand. Driven by […]

IPL tour 2K17

Latest and one of the largest festival in India has stepped into its 10th season this year. IPL with it’s ‘masala cricket’ package has reached to the drawing room. Though it is an entertainment package still the theme is cricket and 8 franchises with a background of 8 major cities are battling for crown through […]