Interview of Lakshya Raj Anand

1. So you seem to have a strong connection with the city of Kolkata, tell us about your experiences and memories with the city? ans- I was born and brought up in Kolkata and studied at La Martiniere. So naturally I would have loads of memories, all pleasant and meaningful. But mostly I miss the […]

“I am the King of My Mind”, says Bobby Chakraborty

1. A marine engineer, an actor, an activist, a teacher and an executive committee member of West Bengal Federation of United Nation, don’t you think you ( Bobby Chakraborty ) are an absolute justification to a versatile soul. How do you manage everything? I have always learnt to manage time since childhood and it is […]

Let’s know Nilesh as Dmello

1. Do you owe your success and popularity to ‘ Nilesh of D3 ’? Nilesh did make me famous, I can completely relate the character to myself and it’s obvious that because of Nilesh, Dmello became popular. 2. Did you want to be a dancer since childhood? now you are a choreographer and an actor […]

Coffee with Areesz Ganddi

First and foremost, if I am talking about the actor Areesz then, how would you explain the beginning of your acting career? Ans.     Well, I started acting around 10 years ago. I was always very interested in acting. I began with ads and commercial projects and I had a keen upsurge for working in the […]

Coffee with Pallabi Bhattacharya

Q. So, tell us something about yourself Pallabi. How did you get into this industry? I was very much interested into modeling initially as a freelancer. I was working with Dipayan Majumdar. He had given me the reference to Radio One Nandini Season 3. I had given the audition and was selected among the total final 20 […]

Summer Fashion

Summer fashion Summers are here scorching and killing with all its presence but one has to be efficiently active with ones daily OOTD be it at office or at college or at functions you’ve got to beat the heat! Here is some awesome suggestion that you can make use from your existing wardrobe – 1. […]

Rain drops on her lips

Of lusty greens and meandering meadows, Of vicious blues high above She ran among the lanes of high walls Just as the crow of thirsty summers! Wailing around like a whirling wind to and fro she banged on to stop; She moved through the paths in search of peace to quench her thirst. Yet she […]

Interview with Poulomi Das

1. What attracted Poulomi Das towards modelling? I never wanted to become a model you see, since my childhood days I was actually a tomboyish girl you know I hated makeup and I was pursuing my education alongside doing a job as a marketing manager I then shifted to work as an assistant director, it […]

Interview with Aparshakti Khurrana

 So you ( Aparshakti Khurrana ) seem to be a talent hub, RJ, Actor, Cricketer, Anchor, so don’t you feel you are an all-rounder? Well! In a way, it’s a good thing but sometimes I feel that it’s better to be master of one rather than jack of all traits.   We hear you had taken a […]

A promise

It’s a tale, a pretty tale, She was his heart beat ; Her smile was his worthy jewel ; She woke each morning with his call, He made the breakfast with much ease. Comfortably took her to school. Each time she said, “Daddy cool!” . He fealt a spark. Daddy was never cool for studies […]