Interview of Nakash Aziz

1. You come from a musical family background where singing was a regular thing. Therefore, when you started singing initially, was it just following the family trend or you actually wanted to be a singer right from the beginning? Ans) Well, I think it was more of following the family trend because I never really […]

Interview of Debanjan Chatterjee

1.Do you prefer acting on stage or acting on screen? Ans) I started my journey as an actor on television and I believe that if I am a known face today and if people know my name, it is because of that. However, I feel that when I act on stage, I get the immediate […]

Interview of Santosh Sivan

1) Tahaan was your last film in the bollywood industry as a director. When do you plan to return as a director? Ans) I have been a bit busy travelling since I do films in most languages because I do believe that cinema is a visual language. I just finished filming in the U.K. and […]

Interview of Jillian Haslam

I am intrigued by the fact that after the British rule ended, your family did not leave Calcutta. Out of sheer curiosity, I would like to know as to what you think about your family staying back here in this city? Ans. My grandparents were born in the UK and were transferred to India to […]

A Story in the making

Five years back… On this day, I do not remember anything particularly significant. I must have gotten up,brushed my teeth and raced to the loo(when nature calls) after which I must have worn my usual school uniform. There was nothing extraordinary about this day. Everyday was just another day when I was ready to go […]