Day: April 8, 2020


Forman vs. Forman : A Documentary Film Review

Forman vs. Forman is a documentary film by Helena Trestikova and Jakub Hejna. It is produced by Katerina Cerna. This film is actually a reflection of the life of Milos Forman, a renowned film director. Milos Forman, a two time oscar-won director recently passed away on 2018. So this film is basically a tribute to […]

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School days: Priya (Part 2)

Priya !!! wake up dear it’s 8am. You have school today. (Clearing the spects) Maa, I know it’s 6am, no need to bluff me early in the morning You have school final exam. Have you totally forgotten? You will speak with me like this. I am Maa r who else will take care of you. […]

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Food and Health

Water memory: myth or science

Water is so beautiful we all know. It flows on its own. It takes shape of any container you keep. When we drink a glass of water after a hectic day, what a relief we get. It is a renewable source and it is endless. These are the things we actually know. But what about […]

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You and your busy schedule, fashion tips to follow in hurry

Your busy schedule need solid fashion tips. Hey girls here I am with few fashion tips that will change your life. These tips are useful for the working women as well as for students. These hacks will save your time. 1. The pro tip to look fashionable is to represent yourself properly. One must look […]

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